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 The Historical Ansi Graphics Gallery 

Ansi Art - for those initiated will need little or no explanation, an obscure art form prevalent during the heyday of online Bulletin Board Systems (BBS's).  It was created using the ibm extended character sets and ansi escape codes to add color, blinking effects and sometimes animation.  For an idea of how hard this was, consider that today's graphics are made using color palettes with up to millions of colors and artist control, potentially, over the appearance of each individual pixel.  Ansi Graphics Artists made due with system colors, in the day 16 or less, and individual blocks in the image roughly 20x50 pixels (about the size of a capital letter in this introduction).  To understand the triumph of some of these artists over these limitations, simply have a look at the Galleries.  Move your mouse over an image and see a thumbnail revealing some of what the artist could see in the mind's eye.  Illustrating an advantage of this form, the background for this page is taken from Ken Dahlin's "Curly Bracket" ansi, a tongue in cheek effort at the time, shows shading effects difficult to achieve with today's HTML markup language.