ASCii Art at the Historical Ansi Graphics Gallery - the Fratoni Wing
(All art on site, credited where possible, reformatted and/or retouched by yours truly.)
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These three are from the users' appreciation page of ASCII ART and More:

Capricorn3k ©PaIRnEiOxColor added by the artist, the top and bottom borders are made of the same characters as the Capricorn mask, multiple spaces, color and line breaks stripped.
Suicune123k ©Zap (of From Pokémon, this may not look like ASCii Art but, view the source code, it's made of ordinary printable characters in a very small font, color variations arise from the proximity of the characters to one another.
Going Fishing279k ©Tomas Sanchez Javascript ASCiimation of text art.

Found in various forms on the web:

Daffodil4k ©Susie Oviatt From plain ASCii, color and text font size reduction added by yours truly.
Pyramids82k UnknownTry highlighting the pyramids (left click on them, hold the button down and drag the mouse).

From Christopher Johnson's ASCii Art Collection:

Eyes5k ©Zach & Owen From "Eye", massaged with SED and Edit Pad Pro to produce the two eyes seen here.
Lovers4k Unknown Rendered here white text on blue background, slightly reduced font size.
Rose5k ©Normand Veilleux From plain ASCii, color and text font size reduction added by yours truly.

From the ARTSCENE section of T E X T F I L E S D O T C O M:

Miles Davis5k Unknown The more I did to this one, the worse it looked. (font-size:7, that's it!)
Mona Lisa31k Leonardo da Vinci(c. 1503–06) Rendered here font-size:7, line-height:3.
Ferrari43k UnknownFerrari 308 GTS.  The original on this one was vertical in orientation.