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Notes: The links from the thumbnails are typically around 15k (if more, it is with progressive loading animations), other links are either off site or labeled with their sizes.

Patrick Stewart Confused - Stephen Turner
Woman Wall - Michael Arnett  A2H
ACiDDraw Closing Screen - SÖ ACiD  A2H
Magic Bus - Michael Arnett  A2H
Fourth of July Commemorative - Ebony Eyes
Psylocke - Noel Gamboa  A2H
Step Away! - Unknown  A2H
Joey Goes Courting - George Ramos  A2H
57 Chevy - Unknown  A2H
Morning Star BBS - Dave Hartmann  A2H
Logon Stats Screen - ViSiONaRY GRAViTY
BBS Bulletin Menu - |)ÄΓ13
Computer Works BBS Ad - Unknown
Computer Tutor - Unknown
Computer Virus AnsiMation - Michael Arnett
Ad for Dixie Net - Tessla
Miss Prim - George Ramos  A2H
Townhouse - Dave Hartmann
Baltimore & Ohio - Cap'n Crunch
Mack Truck - Joseph D. Crum
Gone Fishing AnsiMation - Unknown  A2H
Grim Reaper - Minuteman RiOT{
  • The Reaper and the Flowers, Longfellow at American Poems
  • Large or small text w/painted background version:  30k  10k
  • Thanksgiving Commemorative - Ansi Maniacs
    Ansi Cop Signature - Candie
    Love Our Kids Stamps - Joseph Crum
    Yellow Submarine - Unknown
    Wire Man - Michael Arnett  A2H
    Ad for The Domestic Engineer BBS - V.S.
    Little Bo Peep Ansi - Jean Ludwig{
  • Little Bo Peep poem at Enchanted Learning
  • HTML version: 11k
  • Zonker Doonesbury - D H SCAN  A2H{
  • Doonesbury the Strip at
  • Text Transformed version: 16k
  • HTML version22k
  • Gator Gulch BBS Welcome Screen - Unknown
    Moose City BBS Ad - d-vibe/Stile (detail)  A2H
    Golden Unicorn - Unknown; Size Transformable ASCii enhanced version:  14k (JavaScript Required)