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 Links and Contact Info 

Here are some links that may be of interest:

1. Get an idea of the time period we are talking about: This was the Windows of the day
2. This guy has info on active groups for Ansi and other digital Art: Heister's Digital Art Page
3. Doing Ansi on today's computers?  Having a: DOS box that supports ansi codes will help alot!
4. Yes!  Folks are still BBS'ing and: BBS Archives has loads of files and stuff for Ansi and BBS'ing
5. Download TheDraw: Site for TDRAW463.ZIP, the gold standard in Ansi Drawing Programs,
    from Shmuel Ross' TheDraw Page (Shmuel has a very interesting site).
6. More rampant history of the BBS scene at: TEXTFILESDOTCOM
7. A BBS on the Internet: River BBS !
8. The Digital Graphics Group: ACiD Productions
    . . . or download their ACiDDraw drawing program from C/NET's
9. Java Applets to allow direct viewing of most Ansi Art over the web: Ansi 2 Html
    . . . site includes many artworks and other useful applications such as the ASCII Edit
   program used for some of the displays here.
To contact me, visit my: Personal Homepage