Sudoku Data Conversion

Below are various ways for storing, capturing and loading Sudoku data. Pick the one your data is in, paste it to that input, and hit that input's 'Go!' button. It will be converted to all the others. Known uses for each data type are linked to in its legend, each probably also has other applications. Some fields have notes concerning these other applications, alternate data forms accepted by the field, and/or remarks on the linked to Sudoku resource. The Data File Entry (javascript object) and 'Paste to SadMan' are read only. Permissions (aka possibilities, marks, pencil marks, or markup) can only be stored in/retrieved from the Get/Set (comma delimited with puzzle # prefix), Data File Entry, and SadMan's fields. Activating other field's 'Go!' buttons will strip permissions and change the puzzle number. The puzzle number can only be stored in/retrieved from the Get/Set and Data File fields. If you wish to preserve permissions and/or the puzzle number, save your Get/Set or other data containing them to a text file first (A GOOD IDEA REGARDLESS FOR ANY DATA BEFORE YOU ENTER IT HERE).

NOTE: If you don't want to see hints or solutions (if any) contained in the Data File Entry, make sure this box is checked first -
Get/Set Puzzle (comma delimited with puzzle # prefix) and Data File Entry (javascript object)

Col's .dat (9 #'s per row, zero for empty)
Paul's Pages (may contain spaces or line breaks, period for empty)
Sudoku Solver by logic (+ for line breaks, underscore for empty)
Daily Sudoku (ASCII Grid, period for empty) also, works for SuDoKu Cracker and qqwing
Notes: Daily Sudoku doesn't
accept pasted in puzzles.
Their puzzle is copy only.
After processing however, the link to
Daily Sudoku will launch the puzzle.
Best without spaces and saved as
*.txt for SuDoKu Cracker.
qqwing will also accept "Paul's Pages".
Sudoku Solver or Paste to SudokuWiki (no delimiter, one line, zero for empty)
Paste to SadMan from clipboard (read only array, includes permissions if available)
SadMan's .sdk (9 #'s per row, period for empty, see notes for 'Pencil Marks')
Notes: You may also paste
in .sdk files with permissions
or 'Pencil Marks', or paste clipboard
copies of SadMan puzzles with or
without 'Pencil Marks'. If 'Pencil Marks'
are included, they will be copied to the
Get/Set field. ALSO ACCEPTS:
'Email This Board' grids from SudokuWiki
and many other grids with permissions.
If permissions are available from the Get/Set
field, they will be copied here.
Read Only ASCII Grid w/permissions (input permission grids to SadMan field)